Featured Members

Mark Langhammer

With over 27 years experience in the consumer goods, media, business information and private equity sectors in the Asia Pacific region, Mark Langhammer's knowledge spans a wide geographic area with detailed understanding of the analysis, development, negotiation and operation of business ventures to achieve corporate growth and profitability.

Specifically, Mark most recently developed the distribution network throughout South Asia, the Middle East and Africa as Regional Sales Manager for Crocs Asia and was Managing Director Crocs India where he built from scratch a national distribution network of 400 retail points and a 6 store retail JV in 18 months. Mark has considerable consumer branded goods, retailing and distribution experience.

Mark’s media and business information experience covers the Asia Pacific & South Asia regions while his private equity experience covers Singapore, China, Thailand and Malaysia across the book publishing, retailing, food manufacturing, education, travel, and telecom services sectors.