Compliance Framework

Asia CEO Network adheres to a strong compliance structure that assures our Experts, our customers and our employees that we are committed to best practices. Our structure mitigates the risk involved in maintaining a far-reaching network of Experts from diverse cultural backgrounds, all of whom provide information for a range of Client needs. Our process has been developed through consultation with external legal counsel, adaptation of industry best practices, and is under the direct supervision of a Board of Directors and Advisors that have worked at the highest level for companies that serve as models for good corporate citizenship.


  • Adherence to strict confidentiality standards is a cornerstone of our framework. All parties must agree to be bound by confidentiality agreements.
  • As part of the recruitment process, our trained Account Executives screen potential Experts on their eligibility and suitability to participate in specific projects.
  • As a condition of registration, Experts must agree that they will not disclose material, non-public information about any public or private company, organisation or institution.
  • All Experts are reminded that they have the right to refuse to answer questions which may or may not cause a breach of any confidentiality agreement the Expert may already have in place; and to stop the consultancy at any time should the information required by the Client be in breach of any confidentiality agreement.
  • Our Clients must agree to a contract with Asia CEO Network that prohibits them from asking Experts to reveal anything that might be considered material non-public information. Clients can specify additional requirements to be agreed by Experts before consulting on their assignments.
  • The identity of Experts or Clients is never revealed without the express consent of the parties involved.
  • Prior to registration, and periodically thereafter, Experts must complete a compliance tutorial that informs them of correct conduct in providing consultations.
  • Experts are advised that they should focus on providing general market or industry-specific information and should never provide investment, accounting, medical or legal advice nor should they discuss their employer or a company where they are a Director or Officer.


We maintain a database of companies that do not want their employees to participate in the projects offered by Asia CEO Network. The company can add its name to our registry by sending an email to


Asia CEO Network compiles feedback from Experts and Clients after each consultation and uses that information to constantly refine its compliance processes.