Case Studies

Vocational Training for Infrastructure Companies in SE Asia

The client, a major European private equity fund, requested a report to consider the suitability of potential markets to enter in Asia in the vocational training sector, and was interested specifically in the role of these institutions in the training practices of infrastructure companies. We did a market scan and analysis of the sector in five different countries in Southeast Asia, identifying the main vocational training organisations and giving detailed information for each. Opportunities were highlighted and strategic recommendations given where appropriate. The other section of the report lists the largest infrastructure companies operating in the selected countries and provides information on their training practices acquired principally through conversations with key company staff.

Cosmetics Import and Distribution in SE Asia, China and Korea

A Hong Kong-based cosmetics import and distribution company came to us looking at the feasibility of expanding their business into Southeast Asia, China and/or Korea. We examined their strengths in their home market, looked at overlaps with their existing customers in the target markets, identified what those customers did in the aforementioned markets, looked for other companies which did the same thing, prepared an analysis of where the best opportunities were and proposed a market entry strategy.

Pharmaceutical Companies in China

We prepared this report in conjunction with a consulting firm that assists small biotech and pharmaceutical development companies to find co-development and licensing partners. Our brief was to identify 30 top Chinese pharmaceutical companies interested in in-licensing drug candidates for the Chinese market or interested in investing in co-development opportunities. Using a combination of primary and secondary research, we prepared a report for our client including financial and ownership information, names and contacts of top management, a one page overview of each company’s core activities and pipeline, information on previous and current deals and partnerships, as well as each Chinese company's partnering interests (e.g. in-license, out-license, acquisition, joint development, etc.) by therapeutic area.

Credit Insurance - Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Korea

Project Objectives: Through primary research, to gain a general understanding of the credit insurance market in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Korea. The assignment was to find experts who could contribute to a study of the following: (1) market size, (2) market segmentations, (3) major market players, (4) credit insurance customers, (5) regulations.

Cosmetics - India & Indonesia

The assignment was to find experts to help validate a study on the attractiveness and composition of the Indian & Indonesian packaging industry, specifically for skin care & cosmetics. The study was used to identify investment opportunities in those markets. The assignment was to find experts who have in-depth knowledge of the cosmetics & toiletries market.

India Plastics

The client was undertaking due diligence for a plastic performance additives and liquid colorant manufacturer and was doing a market assessment for the India market. They were seeking to talk to a few industry players in the market, as well as their key customers, regarding:

  1. Plastic performance additives and liquid colorant manufacturers
  2. Potential customers in the purchasing/technical person in the PET plastic division

Shrimp Processors - Thailand, India and Vietnam

The assignment was to source experts knowledgeable in the supply chain for food exported from Asia to Europe for frozen / processed shrimp from Thailand, India and Vietnam.

Philippines Pharma

The client was looking to benchmark sales force effectiveness in the Philippines pharmaceutical market. The objective was to: (1) Understand sales force models and effectiveness; (2) Identify key factors in sales effectiveness. The candidates found were current or recent sales directors or district/regional sales managers of 6 key target companies.

Pan-Asia Whisky Launch

Our client was undertaking a project to evaluate the opportunity of developing standard and premium whisky sales in selected markets. ACN located qualified candidates to interview in Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other markets in order to evaluate the prospects of business expansion.