Market Intelligence in Asia

At ACN, we are now using our comprehensive resources and expertise in the Asia-Pacific region to offer high value market intelligence. Having access to accurate, extensive and nuanced information and understanding how to interpret it increases your confidence before signing off on a large investment decision. We provide in-depth information and analysis of markets, sectors and companies, tailored to further your business objectives. Our market intelligence products include market research, equity research, sector analysis, competitive information, or other custom reports you require. To companies engaged in strategic consulting, we offer information-gathering services. The information, analysis and strategic recommendations are proprietary, confidential, and performed in consideration of your deadlines, giving you a critical edge in your industry.

Asian markets are where the greatest growth potential for companies lies, now and for the foreseeable future. These markets are changing quickly and constantly. Entering them successfully requires nuanced understanding of opportunities and pitfalls which is not evident to the casual observer. Information which is in the public domain is often unreliable and out-of-date, yet having access to accurate, timely information is a critical path to success: increasing profitability and mitigating risk. Our custom research yields superior information in comparison to commercially available reports or packaged research techniques, vastly increasing the depth and breadth of your market intelligence, bringing clarity to your decision-making process and improved commercial performance. Access to our database of experts gives our research another dimension.