About the Asia Expert Network

Established by a group of CEOs, MDs and successful entrepreneurs with extensive connections and experience of doing business in Asia, Asia CEO Network (ACN) prides itself on being the most reliable, independent and objective advisory resource on all matters business, political and social in Asia.

As an Asia-based research firm that connects global clients with leading Asia-based professional experts, ACN’s Expert Network covers vertical know-how; right from grassroots up to board level, this all encompassing range of expertise provides comprehensive and up-to-the-minute ‘front-line’ and ‘big-picture’ information. Whatever your business plans for Asia, expert research is an essential part.

As we begin what has been called the Asian Century, this powerful engine of global growth is set to dominate the world’s economy accounting for over 60% of the world’s population and an ever-increasing share of manufacturing output. This dynamic shift means more and more companies looking for competitive factors of production will move to Asia and it is those who do their research will be those who profit best.

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